Thursday, September 21, 2006

Arizona 9/11 Memorial [Sponsored By]

The Espresso Pundit has a great post outlining everything that is wrong about the new 9/11 memorial in Arizona that their Gov. Napolitano called "unique, bold, educational and unforgettable."

The memorial is a giant ring with words cut into the metal that when the sun shines on it at different angles projects those words on the ground below. What kind of honorable quotes are there to immortalize the bravery shown by those that died on 9/11?
07/01/02 Erroneous US air strike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians

06/03/02 Congress questions why CIA & FBI didn't prevent the attacks

Violent act leading US to war 05/07/1915, 12/07/1941, 08/04/1964, 09/11/2001
Espresso Pundit explains the 1964 date:
Then the last date dawned on me. My gosh, it's the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin in August of 1964. Why is that significant? Because it's the fictionalized event that Lyndon Johnson used as an excuse to trick Congress into supporting the Vietnam War. You know...just like this time.
The left is desperate to compare Iraq to Vietnam, but do they really want to trivialize 9/11 by comparing it to Tonkin? That's the implied message. Johnson was a liar; Vietnam was a quagmire. Bush...well, you fill in the rest.
The memorial is a permanent monument to the left's perceived failures of the Bush administration.
As the Espresso Pundit states so well: "Is this the way we want 9/11 remembered?"

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