Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Believe Hillary

Yesterday an internal Hillary Clinton memo was leaked to the press suggesting that she skip the Iowa caucuses to focus on other primaries. Shortly after that revelation, the Clinton campaign strongly refuted the memo and said they were committed to winning Iowa.
“It’s not the opinion of the campaign,” Mrs. Clinton told Radio Iowa on
Wednesday, referring to the memorandum. “It’s not my opinion.”

That's not political, face saving spin...that's the truth. When a Clinton says something, you can bank on it. Honest and intergrity are the back bone of a Clinton. It's about trust people. Clinton's aren't the type to simply tell people what they want to hear. They don't read opinion polls and change their beliefs just to pander to some hick voters. Hell no.

When Hillary says she's committed to winning Iowa that's enough for me. Nothing in her past or even her husband's past would make me question her honesty.

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