Friday, May 18, 2007

The Des Moines Register: A Conservative Rag?

I fear the end of the world is near...for I agree with a Des Moines Register editorial. A strange sensation to be sure:

Harkin's shriek about Shrek doesn't help child-obesity fight

Shrek is fat. We wouldn't be surprised if he had a stash of candy bars and chips in his dressing room. The sweet-natured ogre's belly hangs over his belt. He's sickly green - a color inconsistent with a healthful diet.

Sen. Tom Harkin [pictured] wants him to clean up his act.

The Iowa Democrat said it's "totally irresponsible" for the producers of the new kids movie "Shrek the Third" to allow the character to promote sugary, unhealthful foods because it damages kids' health.

Uh ... maybe because he just doesn't look like the kind of guy who eats salads and sprouts for lunch. And American businesses are interested in making money. That means advertising with characters like Shrek to help sell products.

Last we checked, that was the way things worked in this land of the free.

Likewise, parents are free not to buy the products - or to oversee their consumption in moderation.
Now the Register believes that people are responsible for their own actions? Parents control their children's eating habits? My God, what the hell is wrong with this world? I feel like I am living The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Who took my bleeding heart liberal Register editorial board? What about the government solving all the world's problems?!?! I am so confused.

What will the liberal, Iowa blogs do? The mother brain has officially told people to think for themselves. Oh the chaos...

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