Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sexual History

When California heard Vermont Democrats were calling for the impeachment of George Bush, the gold rush state felt it was an attack on their designation as the “most liberal state in the union.” In an effort to reassert themselves as the rightful leaders of common sense killing in America, legislature in California introduced a bill to bleach the K-12 textbooks of traditional sexual orientation and family.

Now before you start piling on me like I am some gay bashing conservative blogger, hear me out on this one. Anyone who knows me knows my stance on homosexuality is this: life is too damn short to sit around condemning people for trying to be happy with the little time they have on this planet. Furthermore, I don’t think I am the one who should be deciding right and wrong for other people’s sexual orientation. Homosexuality is one area where I believe people should do what feels right regardless of established public opinion.

However, that said I do not believe we should resort to removing from our school books normal sexual orientation or normal family values. To be honest, when I learned about Abraham Lincoln leading this country out of a civil war and freeing the slaves, I don’t recall any mention of his sexual orientation. Nor do I believe whether he went home to his wife or gay lover has any bearing on outcome of his actions.

I find this bill to be another example of political correctness gone too far. In contrast to CA SB 1437, I don’t believe we need to introduce legislation that supports teaching kids that George Washington loved his wife and they had wild passionate sex. Now, if there was a case in history that held some gay significance, and showed a person overcoming homosexual prejudice and other obstacles to achieve greatest then I would understand. However, most theories on historical figures’ sexual orientation are pure conjecture.

California already has laws protecting gay rights and preventing discrimination based on sexual preference, so I find the recently introduced bill to be overkill. Don’t bleach history to appease the current politically correct movement. I believe this type of legislation to be an affront to be heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, as it tends to send anti-gay groups into frenzy. Thus, once again putting the gay community on the defensive and also does nothing to help us come together as a country on this issue.

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